Parkinson Gait

Parkinson GaitParkinson Gait, or Freeze-of-Gait is a strange phenomenon – it is a sudden, temporary inability to walk. It’s estimated to affect up to 50% of people with Parkinsons, during the course of their illness. That’s a staggering 15 million people worldwide (estimated).

For many people with Parkinsons Disease Symptoms, Freeze-of-Gait (Parkinson Gait) commonly occurs when starting out on a walk, turning around, encountering doorways, or trying to do two things at once. Even carrying a cup of tea while walking inside your own home might trigger a Freeze. Freeze-of-Gait (Parkinson Gait) is an uncomfortable experience, which causes feelings of helplessness, frustration and embarrassment. You may become fearful of venturing outside or even out of bed. It’s often the cause of dangerous falls, as well as imposing a growing burden on public and community health in our aging population.

A new breakthrough for those with Parkinson Gait is the Agilitas.

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