Treatments for Freeze of Gait (Parkinson Gait)

Unfortunately, besides pharmaceutical treatments for Parkinsons Disease Symptoms, current treatments for Freeze-of-Gait (Parkinson Gait)
are largely ineffective and limited in application.

A VISUAL CUE is one of the more promising treatments. During a freezing episode, a Visual Cue can help you overcome the freeze. A Visual
Cue could be an object or line on the ground, or a companion’s foot, which is placed as a guide for your next step and then removed from
view. It works because it gives you a point of focus for your next step, stimulating your mind to step “on” or “over” it and continue walking smoothly.

A Visual Cue is more effective than a pulsed auditory cue (such as a metronome) or a fixed cue (such as lines painted on the floor), because of the
tendency to become accustomed to the fixed signals so they lose their cueing effectiveness.

An automatic Visual Cue is even better than a self-operated cue, such as button-operated lights, which can be likened to trying to tickle yourself.

Developing an automatic Visual Cue was the goal of Bright Devices, resulting in AGILITAS. This is a real PARKINSONS BREAKTHROUGH