“Cueing” is a visual, audible or tactile signal used as a prompt or instruction. For people experiencing symptoms of walking difficulty, visual cueing in the form of an object or projected light on the ground in front of them can assist their mobility.

During a Freeze of Gait episode, the neural pathway to instruct your body “to walk” is obstructed.

But when you see a Visual Cue, it activates the visual sensory receptors in your brain.

By interpreting the visual signal as an instruction to “step over” or “step on” the visual cue, rather than “to walk”, the neural path is altered and there is a high possibility that you can successfully “step over” or “step on” – which to all effects and purposes, is to continue walking.

This is quite a remarkable phenomenon that is not very well understood. However, our trials in Brisbane, Australia, have shown that visual cueing is highly effective in enabling people to “walk” smoothly.

The Visual Cue is how Agilitas can potentially allow you to walk with confidence!